Matte and Gloss UV two tone ink
Custom Helmet Wraps
Custom back drops and Arch Ways
Vehicle Magnets


We do some very cool specialty branding here at Undaunted.  We have the ability to print in multiple layers and stack the layers in different tones.  We use UV ink and that ink is a matte finish but we can also print a UV clear ink layer.  We can choose where we want to print clear ink so you  get a matte and a high gloss finish in a single product.  It is a very cool finish and attractsa lot of attention that is for sure.  

Helmets and round products are things we can do here at Undaunted.  They take some time and attention to detail with the install but turn our very cool that is for sure.  

Back drops, fabric walls and SEG or silicone edge graphics are among some of our jobs we do for business’.  We can get very wild with some of these products and very big if need be. 

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Matt and Gloss UV Two Tone Ink
Matte and Gloss UV two tone ink
Full Color LED Back Drop
Event Flags